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Engage in Life Transforming Experiences

Studying abroad is a powerful way to earn academic credit, enhance one’s resume, and connect with the world on deep and meaningful levels.

At Evolution Travel and Tours, we refer to our study abroad offerings as Educational Touring Programs or ETP’s that are designed to ensure visiting students and professors a comprehensive teaching-learning experience.

By combining educational placements at local universities, didactic instruction, discipline-based internships, and specialized tours. We strive to uplift the unique historical and socio-cultural contexts of life in Namibia and Southern Africa.

Broaden a Global Perspective

Immersion in the educational system of a host country is an excellent way to deepen one’s understanding of the lifeways of people, their cultural traditions, languages, and the socio-political challenges they face day to day.

To these ends, our ETP’s focus on helping students develop a global perspective through partnerships with Namibian resource persons, institutions, and communities, all of which are structured around the visiting university’s specified curricular requirements, timeframes, and budgets, as well as the disciplinary focus of students.

Leave Logistical Arrangements to us

Details:ETP’s provide responsible ways to step out of one’s comfort zone and at Evolution Travel and Tours, we understand the stresses that go along with travel to foreign countries.
How it works:Our staff are skilled in planning educational experiences in consultation with universities, managing logistical arrangements, including accommodations, introductory city, township and village tours, and initiating contacts with key resource persons. We also offer logistical support to visiting universities intending to conduct research in specialized fields of interest such as wildlife conservation, and the biodiversity of the Namib Desert.
Reasons to choose us:Working primarily with colleges and universities from the United States of America, Scandinavia, and Western Europe, we strive to provide ETPs that are unique to each academic program and mutually beneficial. Many of our ETPs have evolved into returning long-term initiatives.


The benefits to studying abroad are endless, whether it be for a few weeks, a few months, or longer. Many of the students that have been part of our ETP’s have expressed that they’ve learned so much about themselves through gaining an understanding of a different culture.

Studying abroad also affords one the opportunity to meet new lifelong friends from different backgrounds that are often happy to assist in navigating one’s way through the unfamiliar norms of a foreign country.

This always ensures that students go home with unforgettable memories, a renewed perspective, and knowledge, all while not missing a beat with their school requirements needed for graduation.

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