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“Life is a journey, not a destination”, so true; yet some destinations leave you breathless, in awe and longing to return again and again, and that is why we help you create the most unforgettable African experiences possible.

Namibia being home to the famous Skeleton Coast, the desolated and rugged coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, Sossusvlei National Park, the central highlands renowned for its free-roaming wildlife and the vast Wildlife Sanctuary known as the Etosha National Park, it is no wonder that this ‘land of wide-open spaces’ has grown in popularity and even hailed a “must-see destination” by the New York Times in recent years.

Popular Tours and Safari Packages

Luxury Fly-in Safaris

Experience and see Namibia from a bird’s eye perspective with our tailored fly-in safari plan.

Self-Drive Tours

Tour independently throughout Namibia with detailed road maps and itineraries.

Accommodated Tours

Enjoy the comfort of staying in wisely selected lodges, hotels and guesthouses.

Always dreamt of traveling to Southern Africa?

Well, Namibia which is nestled in South-Western Africa, bordering South Africa to the South, Botswana to the East and Angola to the north, is one of the most comprehensively tourist-friendly, safe and captivating destinations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Why Southern Africa?

Southern Africa offers travelers as much, if not more than most of the other African countries in terms of cultural diversity, pristine wildlife and breathtaking landscapes. Namibia is definitely one of Africa's best kept secrets with all its unique offerings. Experience the World’s oldest desert and other World Heritage sites here in Namibia.

Be Inspired by Unspoiled Beauty

The beautiful landscapes of her coastline and deserts are some of the most photographed and gasped over spaces in the world, meriting a visit in their own right. Namibia is well known for having some of the world’s richest archaeological and geological sites, and with over 43% of the land mass being conservation land.

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Each client is treated as an individual with individual travel needs from dietary preferences, tailored packages - and all travel experiences are tailored based on our own experience and client feedback, thus are thoroughly tested to showcase our own exacting standards.

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From a Travel Consultant to a Tour Guide, we are an intensely personal, highly motivated and passionate team of skilled individuals who understand the tourism industry and are committed to exceed customer expectations at all times.

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We select the accommodation, transport and activities in response to the client’s specific requirements, be it comfort, time, ease of access or budget and availability all in prime locations with extensive sightseeing opportunities.

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