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Windhoek's City and Township Tour

Details:We believe that like any form of community tourism, township tours should be led by the people who live there or have been residents of the township, in order to make this experience a sustainable and non-intrusive one. We understand what it means to put the community first, and as such our aim is to educate our guests on the township and help them understand the history, culture and support real change to bring about a better understanding of townships. Township tourism is, not surprisingly, controversial, and can go wrong if managed in an irresponsible matter.
Location:It is important to understand that we only conduct these tours because it has been jointly created and is supported by the residents of the township, thus let us briefly put our cameras away for this experience. Our township tour provides you with an authentic experience and true understanding of the Windhoek Township known as ‘Katutura’, by local African guides who are well equipped with the knowledge about the area, social environment, and its history. What makes our tour unique is its interactive knowledge exchange between our guests and the inhabitants from the area.
Price:Starting from as low as N$300pp.

Rates & Prices

Township Tour Only Rates (-/+ 2H30min):

City and Township Tour Rates (-/+3H30min):

We provide you with a fully comprehensive two (-/+2) hour tour of the township including the old location as well as the informal settlements, Penduka and much more. The comprehensive City and Township Tour also incorporates the city center, with its history and the most popular monuments.

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