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Dynamic Tours

We fully understand the dynamics of both groups as well as individual travel, and our tailored leisure experiences are designed to inspire both families and individual travelers, and to enhance an understanding of destinations of special interest.


Travel is all about multi-dimensional experiences, and includes vacations crafted around interests such as Wildlife, Geology, Agriculture, History, Culture, Astronomy or even special family occasions.

Professional Guides

All our tours are guided by specialists with in-depth knowledge on many different subjects and respects, as well as the different areas. Our staff provide an efficient and professional personal service.

What We Offer

Detailed Itineraries

All our itineraries are carefully planned to make sure that a traveler’s wishes are respected. We have an extensive range of products that our traveler can choose from, and so he/she can book any of the scheduled guided itineraries on a private basis, which are well-planned, exciting, offers value-for-money opportunities to explore the country.

Wide Range of Tours

Our tours range from special interest tours for travellers looking for more focused itineraries centered around a unique passion to others who are just looking to explore the most popular sights. Our family tours range from budget and mid-range safaris, to luxury fly-in safaris, self-drive adventures, and tailor-made tour packages. From the spectacular views of the Fish River Canyon and the Namib Desert, to the beauty of Northern Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, you can experience all of Namibia and Southern Africa’s unique adventures with us.

Our experiences are designed to bring loved ones closer together in making exceptional memories that last forever.

More of What We Offer

Travel at Your Own Pace

For the individual traveler who prefers to travel at their own pace, and on their own terms, we are one of the very few tour operators who offer leisure experiences tailored around the needs of the independent traveler. We cater to the individual traveler’s specified desires and build itineraries around their specific interest, personal tastes, time frame and budget.

African Wonders

Our tours include the World famous and true African wonders, like the Okavango Delta and Chobe National Park in Botswana, to the mighty Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe. We also provide private tailored tours to Cape Town and the South African wine regions of Western Cape on request.

Professional Tour Guides

Our staff provide an efficient and professional personal service, offering the most competitive prices. Our itineraries are always evolving in adding new and exciting lodges and destinations, whilst we maintain our principle of personally visiting and exploring every area that we offer in our itineraries.